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Introducing our Market Manager for the 2024 Season

The outdoor Summer Market season is just 1 short month away, and our Market Manager would like to say a few words...

I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce myself. I will be the market manager for the Armstrong Farmers’ Market for the 2024 season.

My name is Arnold. Many of you may already know me. My wife Marij and I have been vendors at this market since 2015. I have previously been the market manager in the 2016 and 2017 seasons.

16 years ago, we moved from the Netherlands to Armstrong. Although we were both nurses and started working in a care facility for elderly people in Kelowna right away, I decided in 2016 that after having worked in healthcare for over 30 years it was time for a change.

As I missed the Dutch baking, I tried making Dutch cookies myself. That worked out pretty well, so I felt like I should give it a try at the local Farmers’ Market. In time I added more variety.

My goal is to help the market become a good place to be for both vendors and customers of all ages. I will be visible to everyone (I’ll be wearing a yellow vest like I did before). Vendors and customers are

also welcome at our booth, which will also serve as an info booth.

Marij will continue selling baking, healthy treats, honey, tea and coffee.

I hope this season will be successful and prosperous!

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